Enthusiastic Art Director with a bachelor's degree in Applied Arts and 15+ years of solid experience in advertising and Graphic Design. 
As an art director, I supervise all graphics production activities, develop print specifications and deliver creative solutions using skills like branding, print designs, social media designs, typography, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. 
I have skillfully developed concepts for products in partnership with the communication and account teams. Spearheaded the team of designers and production staff to ensure the desired results. 
Besides being an Art Director, I co-founded two startups, named Satori Adventures and Blue Odysea. Both initiatives are helping people to dive deeper into their minds, unblocking their fears and going beyond their limitations through interacting with nature. Since 2014, I have organized more than 42 experiments in Egypt, accompanied by more than 450 participants. 
My mission was to help people to discover their essence, have clarity about their life goals, and empower their willingness to follow their dreams no matter what. 
I intend to develop an original, polished, lyrical, theoretically compelling, and aesthetically appealing design for corporates, agencies, and individuals. 
Currently, I live in Cairo as an Art Director and Explorer.

Freelancing Art Director
2020 - Current / Cairo, Egypt

Art Director / Experiences Operator
2018 - Current / Cairo, Egypt

Remote Research Analyst 
Feb 2021 - Oct 2021 / San Francisco, USA

Art Director / Chief Adventure Officer
2015 - 2018 / Cairo, Egypt

Art Director
2010 - 2015 / Cairo, Egypt

Helwan University Cairo
B.A.A, Applied Arts - Printing, Publishing, and Packaging
2000 - 2005

Licenses & certifications
Certified Unleashing Vitality (Biological Self-Actualization)
The International Society of Neuro-Semantic
Certified Unleashing Potentials (Psychological Self-Actualization)
The International Society of Neuro-Semantics

Data Analysis Challenger Track

Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere

• Ideation
• Belief
• Connectedness
• Input
• Responsibility
• Analytical
• Adaptability

• Graphic Design
• Art Direction
• Advertising
• Branding
• Concept Development
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe InDesign
• Outdoor Adventures

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