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Ahmed Soliman

Outdoor Experiences Operator


Ahmed Soliman was born among the magical landscapes of Northern Ireland, opening his eyes to the beauty of mountains, endless greenery, and vast oceans.

His family then moved to KSA where he was exposed to a different side of natural beauty, that of the desert and its rocky mountains. Mesmerized by their beauty,  he became eager to immerse himself in nature and started hiking mountains and exploring the wilderness.

After finishing his degree in Applied Arts, Ahmed started his career in the corporate world as an Art director in the Advertisement sector where he worked for over ten years. One day his entire world was shaken, following an extremely painful physical, emotional, and mental experience which made him question the essence of life, re-evaluate his goals, and his entire perspective on life. That’s when he decided not to waste any moment away from his dream.

Ahmed quit his corporate job and began his journey as a full-time adventurer. First, he started trekking mountains exploring the lands, then exploring the sky through parachuting, and finally taking his exploration towards the depth of the ocean through freediving.

He co-founded two adventure agencies, Satori Adventures and Blue Odysea, both aiming to help people dive deeper into their minds, unblocking their fears and limitations through experiences in nature. Ahmed plays many roles in these agencies but his main focus is the experience operation and how to ensure the participants connect with nature in a way that allows them to reflect on their own lives.  Since 2014, he organized more than 35 experiences in Dahab, Ras Mohamed, Saint Catherine, Quseir, Aswan, and Fayoum, where he accompanied more than 400 participants.

During these years, he mastered the application of experiential adventure and its impact on the self-discovery process. Ahmed also explored the relationship between the mental, emotional and spiritual states of a person, and how altering the state of one realm can greatly transform the quality of one’s life. 

Ahmed’s mission is to help people discover their essence in order to have clarity about their life goals and to empower their willingness to follow their dreams no matter what.

Ahmed currently holds the following credentials:

  • Certified Unleashing Vitality (Biological Self-Actualization), Self-Actualization PsychologyThe International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS)
  • Certified Unleashing Potentials (Psychological Self-Actualization), Self-Actualization Psychology The International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS)
  • Certified PEAT (Primordial Energy Activation & Transcendence) ProcessorSpiritual Technology
  • Certified Enlightenment ProcessorFrom Tron Enger
  • Certified Self-Management and Personality Analyst based on Color Psychology
  • Certified Basic Life Supporter & First Aid PractitionerEgyptian Red Crescent
  • Certified FreediverAPNEA Academy
  • Parachuting player at Egyptian Parachuting & Air Sports Federation